Magic speedreading 1: Speed Reading makes speed reading comfortable and pleasant.

Magic speedreading 1

Reading Is Not Magic", you can increase your facility for fast reading. You needn`t practice special exercises; it is enough just to read. Habitually returning to what is already read, that usually decreases the speed of reading, no longer happens. Reading each word individually becomes unnecessary because skillful fast readers do not individualize the text when reading at high speeds. You become accustomed to grasping a whole word or a group of

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Slowly reading 1: Slowly speed reading online training.

Slowly reading 1

Slowly speed reading online training. Speed reading is not only read faster. Speed reading is some more. Read the text whithout short words. Slowly speed reading online training. Speed reading is not only read faster. Speed reading is some more. Read the text whithout short words.

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RocketReader Online 2.0: Train to read fast, accurately and with high stamina with RocketReader Online!

RocketReader Online 2.0

Reader number one online. RocketReader is an amazing program that boosts your reading speed by effectively breaking what is termed the "sub-vocalization barrier". This barrier limits most readers to around 200 words per minute, as their eyes pause momentarily after they read every syllable or word. This common reading technique slows you down and makes you tired. RocketReader uses a unique approach. It trains you to accurately read a block of words

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IVONA Reader 1.0.14: Personal text to speech reader, allows computer to read any text aloud.

IVONA Reader 1.0.14

reader allows computer to read any text aloud. It can read documents, news, RSS feeds, books, web pages and emails. Main functions: * Aloud text reading from any software and any text file * Convert text into mp3 files * Easy integration with most popular applications (Skype, iTunes, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird) * Web pages reader * Emails reader * RSS news feeds reader * Organizer and reminder * Proofreading

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Orneta Reader for Smartphone 2002 1.0.6

reading, and easier flow of words. While you are reading files, they are automatically scroll or reflowed to provide an easy to read experience, which removes the need to scroll as with traditional readers and viewers. There is also page by page viewing without scrollbars. Background Processing The program calculates the page number in the background allowing you to read while processing in the background. You can open and read an eBook of any size

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eBook Reader for Nokia 9500 (9300) 2.1: eBook Reader for Nokia 9300/9500 is a viewer and organizer for electronic books.

eBook Reader for Nokia 9500 (9300) 2.1

Reader for The Nokia 9300 / 9500 is a viewer and organizer for electronic books. With eBook Reader you can download, and read eBooks from Web-based eBook stores. Your eBooks reside in a personal library located on your Communicator. eBook Reader has 4 main components: - Bookstores, where you download eBooks - My Library, where you organize your eBooks and choose books to read - Reader, where you read the eBooks - eBook Maker, where you make the eBooks

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Excel Reader .NET 2.3: Excel Reader is a .NET component allows to read Excel spreadsheet XLSX XLS.

Excel Reader .NET 2.3

Excel Reader .NET is a professional component that enables .NET developers to read Excel Spreadsheet files ( XLSX, XLS , CSV ) from their .NET applications or website projects (C#, VB.NET). The Excel spreadsheet is represented as a tree structure. Root of the tree is a Workbook object that has different Worksheets and so on.The set of API functions allows developers to read Excel data up to Excel Cell value and its styles, colors, borders etc.

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EbookToMP3 2.0.3: Text-to-speech software for ebooks, texts, web pages, and creatinting MP3s

EbookToMP3 2.0.3

reads texts automatically. Possible formats are: Text to MP3, texts automatically read on change of the clipboard (Clipboard), read aloud texts from open documents, TXT text, PDF - Acrobat Reader, EPUB, DOC - Microsoft Word Document, RTF, eBook, texts from the Clipboard, HTML file on the PC, and read aloud online websites. Application examples for the efficient use of screen reader software: Convert Word business documents with the reading program

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Read Genius 3.01: The wonderful text to speech software for you. New version support 11 languages.

Read Genius 3.01

read Genius will be working at the background and read aloud every word or sentence you`ve just typed. Read Genius can also read the text you`ve just copied to the Windows Clipboard. When you are surfing on the Internet, reading an e-book, or you`ve just got an e-mail, simply select your interested content and press `CTRL + C` to copy it to the Windows Clipboard, Read Genius will receive it and start to read them to you so you can relax. The new

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Text perception 02 1: Find the moment read the text

Text perception 02 1

read the text. Speed Reading with Improved comprehension. Read any average 240 page book in 2-3 hours, combining high speed voice with text. Adjust speed for maximum enjoyment. Ideal for high school, college and grad school students and adults of all ages reading up to 300-350 wpm. If you already read faster than this speed, you will want to use the next tool. By using speed reading software, you can improve your facilities of speed reading. You

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